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J.K. Rowling goes to court

J. K. Rowling goes to court 

I love JK and her books, and the lexicon is an awesome internet presence, but I kinda feel like she's in the right here. I don't understand any other reason to publish the lexicon other than to make money. All the information is free on the web. Why publish? Especially since the material IS hers to begin with. I think it's especially interesting that Vander Ark himself made sure there was a clause in his contract with his publisher that they pay and defend any lawsuit that might arise from this. His gut instinct was correct. Also, I fear the result of this case could have an effect on JK writing and publishing her OWN encyclopedia of Harry. And I would completely pay the money to read what SHE has written about the subject, after all, it is her own creation.

What do you guys think?
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The Final Harrys

I know this comm is about mostly the books, but have you heard?  Last Harry Potter Book Becomes 2 Films

I think it's great that they are splitting it into two movies in order to NOT have to cut things from the book. My interest in Harry re-kindled (and this a day after I got rid of my Harry Potter icon from my user pics!), I went looking up the movies on IMDB for more info. Apparently David Yates (dir. of the chop fest that was Order of the Phoenix) is not only doing Half Blood Prince, but now the 2 final installments. I am not sure how I feel about this. I'm leaning towards skeptical.

And I was so hoping the chance would be given to Joss Wheadon.

Any thoughts on all this?

Beetle the Bard

I found this on the pictures itself are amazing, and I can't believe JK Rowling not only refered to these fairy tales in DH but also created these Beautiful books! you have got to take a look!
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We have reopened read_hp!!

Now that our read-through is over, we thought we could reopen this amazing community to all members. Here you'll have a place to discuss the books if (and when) you decide to read through them yet again in the future.

The only major rule is that there will be no movie and/or movie actor discussion! This community is for book and J.K. Rowling discussion only.

What else can't you post? Fanfiction, fanart, icons, etc. These can be posted at one of the numerous HP communities around LJ. Let's keep this place nice and simple!

So enjoy, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Posting is now open to all members, and will go unmoderated.

I know many of you had asked about doing another read-a-long of the series, and for now we have no plans to do so. Perhaps somewhere down the road we'll be interested in doing it again, but I think for now it's safe to say we'll be reading the books at our own pace :D
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read_hp Friending Meme!

We're with you, whatever happens.

Over the last 5 months, there have been lots of friendships forged in this community. Before we change the entire community dynamic, let's do a friending meme so we don't lose touch with each other!

If you'd like to make some new friends, copy and paste the following as a new comment. (You may also want to give it a subject line) Then make some new friends! :D

(And thanks to vicious_lullaby for this awesome idea!)

All info is purely voluntary, don't list anything you're not comfortable sharing.

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The Flaw in the Plan & Nineteen Years Later

BOOK: Deathly Hallows
CHAPTER: 36 & Epilogue
SYNOPSIS: The thrilling conclusion to the Harry Potter series!!!!!!

Well everyone, it's been 5 months, 4090 pages, and 204 chapters, but....


I'd like to thank each and every one of you who read along with us, who participated in discussions, and who helped make this seemingly crazy project work. I know for many of us that being able to read these books one last time in anticipation of a new volume was made 100 times better because of all the members of this community. We hope that you had fun, and that you learned a thing or two, and maybe even made a few new friends.

We're not exactly sure what will become of this community now that it's all over. Perhaps we'll open up posting access and let it become a Potter community for any and all book discussion. We'll let you guys know what we decide.

So thank you again, and keep a look out for announcements in a few days!

All is well. &hearts